Case Study - Cheshire Polo Club

At the end of 2019 I got in touch with Kate as I needed some advice and support to help generate an income from ticket sales, sponsorship and membership at Cheshire Polo Club.


I’ve worked as the Event and Sponsorship Manager at Cheshire Polo Club for several years and we deliver a schedule of high end events each season. I had an initial meeting with Kate and she quickly got to grips with the Club, it’s offerings, it’s culture and she got a thorough understanding of all its key stakeholders and most importantly identified our target customer.


She developed new attractive sponsorship packages and new marketing collateral to reflect the Cheshire Polo brand to make it easy for potential sponsors to understand the value of working with Cheshire Polo Club and how it would benefit their business. We were then able to identify potential sponsors, arrange face to face meetings and sell Event sponsorship packages to affluent businesses. I really felt energised working with Kate and I loved how succinct and on brand the sponsorship packs were.


Cheshire Polo Club wouldn’t have been able to secure that vital sponsorship revenue without Kate’s input.


Pat Hall
Event and Sponsorship Manager – Cheshire Polo Club

‘’My experience as a marketing and event manager; as a sponsor in previous professional roles as well as my extensive experience negotiating media partnerships enables me to understand event marketing from all perspectives and that’s a distinctive advantage when you work with me.’’