What’s your value?

This is question I imagine is racing through the minds of many now. As a brand spanking new event and marketing business this question would usually be a pre cursor to what your brand stands for and its values – what are the beliefs running through the backbone of your business?

When I set up my business like any diligent marketeer, I wrote a mission statement to embody the values of KW Events and Marketing. My brand values are all the c’s Creativity, Compassion and Commitment…fairly run of the mill stuff but important to my business vision and ethos. I believe my services to date embody these (feel free to check with my clients!) but being a one-woman band, its perhaps must easier to stay on track and keep your brand values as the forefront of what you do. 

Being amid a Pandemic, working as a self-employed events and marketing specialist these values certainly take on new meaning in an industry where events have stopped, and marketing budgets slashed. Lucky for me I only have my own diminishing salary to fret about and not a team of employees. I wonder how many businesses will be able to say they have maintained their brand values throughout this unpresented crisis. When this craziness is over, I wonder what they will be remembered for – as we all know a crisis can bring out the best and worst in people and business. We have all witnessed the juxtaposition of communities uniting and acts of real selflessness from individuals and companies alike coupled with the likes of Sport Direct trying their luck to open for business today…

So good on you if as a business you have withheld your brand values when everything else is slipping away out of your control and you have supported customers and employees alike. I’m sure like me your value is changing daily – for me from an event and marketing specialist to food shopper for my elderly dad to home schooler for my 7-year-old. We all have a part to play now just staying at home and it has real value for us all.

Stay well, Kate x