Transfer Deadline

It’s a running joke in our house that it’s football transfer deadline AGAIN. I’m convinced it happens every couple of weeks as it’s mandatory for Sky Sports to be continually on the telly. My husband is glued to the announcements about which team will sign which player for an eye watering fee. Of course, I fane some interest in the players’ names I recognise and make appropriate acknowledgment noises at any mentions of Liverpool’s signings –  as we are a ‘red’ household. I have to be honest in saying I find it rather curious that players who have meant so much to one team and their fans  – suddenly ‘jump ship’ and are instantly adored by their new team and I find it remarkable that the fans allegiance to previous players just disappears like the conversations from a beer fuelled Saturday night.

For the first time I have hit my own deadline window – in the shape of transferring my skills from one role to another…my previous role as Events and Promotions Manager for a Lifestyle Magazine group to an events and marketing specialist working for themselves!  Why do I feel so nervous about it? Organising events and selling sponsorship is surely the same in whichever industry or company I work for? Footballers simply put on their new shirt, and kick the ball the way they always have, right?

I have been assured by my business owner friends that its normal to feel concerned that your skills are valuable to other businesses and other markets and that the anxiety can be turned into motivation and a determination to succeed. A very sound piece of advice I’ve been given recently  is to ‘look back over your business shoulder’ to companies you have previously worked with – businesses who already know and trust you and offer your services to them first. In fact, this is clearly where I’m having the most success and if I’m being completely honest this is where I know I will enjoy my work the most – with people I like and respect and doing work I’m good at. I was encouraged to receive positive feedback from Cheshire Polo Club that my ideas and time on their event sponsorship strategy had already been impactful.

I suppose I have already scored by first goal for KW Events and Marketing….

K x😊