Being newly self employed has thrown numerous challenges at me, but Covid 19 has been like a custard pie right in the grill! I think the biggest shock was not getting any government grant as my business only started at the end of 2019. I have had to dust myself down and just get ‘on with it’. It can be an isolating experience being self employed without a team of colleagues  to rally you or moan to – so I’ve built an armour of friends, new Facebook Group members, clients and suppliers to keep me focused. Don’t get me wrong I’ve not smashing through my ‘to do’ list everyday as I have a 7 year old to home school, a house to run, endless meals to make, crazy amounts of snacks and alcohol to buy and demolish, a dog to walk, an 85 year old dad to check on, my own mental health and physical health to keep an eye on (Type 1 diabetic/insulin pumper). But on refection I am chuffed with myself – with my resilience and eagerness to battle on and keep my business afloat despite these choppy waters.

I am a Virgo – naturally organised, committed and loyal – so I’ve kept to a schedule every day – a healthy mix of emails,  a bit of upskilling, Zoom calls, launching a new side hustle business, scattered with dog walks, times tables, reading and crafting with my little one.

My side hustle – was born of  #lockdownlife – an outdoor home cinema hire business www.popcornmovienights.co.uk the business evolved after I helped one of our best friends plan for his wife’s 40th birthday party. It needed to be special not only because she was 40 but also because she is working on the front line as a respiratory physio. We collated video messages and photos to play via our projector on a big screen in her garden and we embellished the night with fairy lights, delicious food, and Laurent Perrier. She loved it and we decided to turn it into a little business which is proving popular for celebrations, family movie nights and creating fun family memories during lockdown.

We all know how important it is to remain visible now and communicate with customers with understanding and empathy. So naturally a lot of my workload has been focused around managing social media accounts to enable my client’s customers to remain engaged and for their business to have consistent visibility. It might feel ‘uncomfortable’ to push sales messages now but adapting your offering in a changing market is essential and it can be done appropriately and with empathy. I love the way small businesses have embraced change so they can continue to serve their customers. To celebrate our anniversary, we were able to order take away lobster and chips no less – amazing and surprising delicious out of a box!!

KW Events and Marketing has had to adapt given the current climate and I have learnt how to deliver virtual events from Award ceremonies to Q and A’s and I have discovered new markets which are currently a necessity – live streaming funerals being one. I have experience first-hand the worry of my dad in hospital during lock down and not being able to visit. Unfortunately, friends have experienced the tragedy of losing a loved one to Covid 19 and the heartache of planning a funeral during these unprecedented times. It is essential for families to come together to grieve and celebrate the life of loved ones and helping families to share memories, collect donations to a chosen charity and be part of ‘saying goodbye’ is vital to the grieving process and honouring these special lives lost.

I continue to be thankful everyday for our health, the family time we can enjoy, the slower pace of life and everyone who is helping to protect and heal us from this virus 😊

Did I ever think this is where I would be at the beginning of the year – not at all!  Am I already looking forward and planning a new collaborations post Covid 19 – I most definitely am.

No one likes being pied in the face, so it’s just as well I love custard!

Take care and stay safe

Love Kate


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