‘Birds of a Feather’

For those of you old enough to remember, ‘Birds of A Feather’ was a British sit com series from the 90’s and a staple in our house when we were growing up but it was also a phrase my mother used in contempt of some of friends I chose to hang around with in my late teens! The idea is simply that individuals who have similar interests, ideas or characteristics tend to seek out one another.  My mum was telling me I was guilty by association…and perhaps sometimes I wanted to be (rebellious third child!). 

Of course, the idea of group values is part of our culture, in fact it was a a module I studied at Uni in Sheffield. To socially construct ourselves we ‘hang out’ with those with a similar belief system and we form communities.  It is all straightforward stuff – but fascinating if you enjoy psychology and important if you want to understand your ideal customer and form strategic partnerships with like-minded brands. 

Understanding who you want to buy your product and service is key. When we have a clear idea of what our customer looks like, what they like, what they hate, what problems they have, what income they have, where they hang out (who they ‘flock’ with), where they live and most importantly what they care about and their values then we can really identify how to tailor our products and services and sales messages to them.

Something I particularly enjoy is identifying businesses who not only share similar customer profiles but also share the same beliefs. Powerful stuff can happen when brands come together (I am suddenly thinking about Jay Z and Beyonce – see what I mean?) When you partner with the right brand – you can not only market your product or service to their database and followers, but you can elevate your brand and generate amazing PR and kudos.  This type of exercise can really promote brand loyalty and help you retain your current customers, attract new ones, and give your business extra credibility.

Its worth considering which brands you could collaborate with to achieve your business goals. Collaborations and partnerships are an essential part of your marketing activity and can deliver real results. The right partnerships can give your brand real depth – so you are not just selling your product or service on price but because the customer is part of a community/a club and they share your values which essentially makes them feel good about buying from you! I worked as a Promotions manager for many years and developed numerous campaigns to facilitate collaborations from competitions, branded content and advertorials, sponsorship, and PR.  Its also worth noting that these promotions do not require a big budget like most advertising campaigns typically do.

Customers have incredible choice so consider how  your brand stands out – is it because you care about the local community and support local causes? They may admire your brand for your ethical responsibility during the pandemic, but often an effective route is to partner with another brand that already stands for these things.

Surely its a no brainer – reap the benefits of an association with another brand. So, lets seek out business partners who have synergy with our brand and facilitate more sales, customer loyalty and should we need it a repositioning of our brand and increased market share.

If you would like a conversation about how I can help you develop effective business partnerships then please get in touch kate@kweventsandmarketing.com. I offer ‘Let’s Talk’ hour consultations through to project and planning days should you want more than ideas and for me to secure the partnerships.

Of course, my dear mum was right to be concerned about ‘those friends’ at the time although many of us ‘still flock together’.😊

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